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As a parent, what do I need to know?

How can our Academy help parents of homeschoolers?

  • Not all the parents can cope with homeschooling. Finding good teachers and making them work as a team is a difficult task. We have solved this dilemma for you.
  • Your child will be spending most of the year at home — but will travel to our in-person sessions in France to socialize with other students and teachers. If you are worried about a lack of socialization – we have addressed this challenge!
  • Besides excellent teachers, your student will get acquainted with visiting lecturers from around the world — renowned writers, journalists, scientists, and businessmen who are excited to visit and share with Le Sallay about their work. This is a unique opportunity!
  • Engaging students in learning is a difficult task, especially during the formative years in middle school. We have a dedicated team of psychologists who will oversee socio-emotional development of each student and partner with our teachers to ensure positive friendships and engaging classroom environments!
  • Engaging students in learning is a difficult task, especially during the formative years in middle school. We have a dedicated team of psychologists who will oversee socio-emotional development of each student and partner with our teachers to ensure positive friendships and engaging classroom environments!
  • Please also read Sergey Kuznetsov’s essay, in which he recalls the feeling of isolation in his own middle school, which lead to his pursuit of opening an inclusive school for all — Le Sallay Academy.


An inclusive space for all learners

Children with diverse learning needs such as ADHD/ADD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders as wells as twice-exceptional (gifted) kids do not always receive proper support in a «traditional setting.» Our school is geared to provide a more individualized and differentiated approach to education, and our students will receive the full support of our team of psychologists and teachers.

Children with diverse learning needs often show the most growth in academic classes, given an individualized and engaging approach to instruction, as provided by our dedicated team of teachers.
Our system allows students to first establish a rapport with their teacher during in-person sessions in France, and only then enter into online interaction. For all students, the establishment of a rapport is essential, therefore we dedicate our in-person sessions at school fully to this.
If you are a parent of a child with diverse learning needs, you may have experienced difficulty finding the right fit school for your middle schooler.

Many boarding schools require stringent and stressful testing to be admitted into, which is taxing on students and often does not demonstrate their full range of abilities. Our school does not require stressful exams for admission. Other private and day schools geared towards addressing Autism Spectrum Disorders focus on life skills but do not have a well-balanced academic approach. We will provide both socialization and an engaging academic curriculum across all content areas.

Details can be found in the interview of our psychologist Svetlana Ochotnikova (London) and math specialist Yulia Sorokina (Chicago

Ideal fit for gifted learners

For academically gifted students, it is sometimes difficult to learn in their local middle school. Gifted students are often not challenged in the classroom, and feel disengaged with their peers and teachers. This leads to socialization problems and feelings of isolation. We will prove to them that learning can be fun, challenging, and engaging, and that making friends is easy at Le Sallay.

Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching mathematics, science, history, foreign languages, cinema, art, and literature, and differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of a variety of students. If your child has previously felt disengaged in school, — here they will not be bored!

To learn more about our approach, read the interviews of Yan Rauch and Matthew McConnell, as well as Matthew McConnell's essay on the importance of critical thinking.


Annual tuition including boarding fees for in-person sessions is 35,000 (transportation to camp not included).

We offer discounts for early birds, merit discounts for gifted children, and discounts for families who enroll more than one child. Please, contact us for more details.


My daughter (12) went to Marabou in the summer of 2018, her first sleep-away camp experience. Upon returning, it was all she could talk about, and asked to return the following year. Her summary of the experience: “I was expecting the worst, but it turned out to be the best. I especially enjoyed math. At first it was hard, but then everything became clear, and now it’s my favorite subject of all.” 

I’m certain that if Marabou founders managed to solve the puzzle of making math interesting and relevant in just two weeks, they will do wonders in their long-term academic projects.
Vica Miller, New York

During her two weeks at summer camp, the founders of Le Sallay made my daughter believe in herself and assert that she is fully capable of solving sophisticated problems. Unfortunately, this feeling was not available to her at the math classes in her regular school.

Natalia Otay, Turkey

We are really glad that the educational programs elaborated by Sergey and Ekaterina appeared in our lives. For our son, this is an amazing and unique opportunity to be himself. Of course, camp Marabou, which they ran before launching Le Sallay, was especially important to him because of his problems at school. Having traveled to Marabou, he realized that relationships can be built in a completely different way, that “education” is not a dreadful thing full of humiliation and suffering, but a creative process.

In short, like any parents, we are delighted to see our child happy. And happiness is exactly what our son experiences in Marabou, and what he brings back home.

We believe that with Le Sallay Academy, Sergey and Ekaterina will invent a way to transmit this feeling over a distance.

Edward Shenderovich, New York

We realize now that, having been to Marabou at least five times each, our children will remain forever “Marabou children”. The memories, the friendships, the knowledge, the fun of those weeks are so much different from anything that either their regular school or vacations with the family could offer. Marabou opens up new perspectives that take children on a journey where they (and we) least expected. Our math-inclined son discovered a love for classical opera while our ballerina daughter was raving for weeks about the Logic class she took in the camp. The menace of our times - electronic devices - is permitted from 8pm until 9pm, but don’t expect your kids to call you or check their favorite Instagram. You are lucky if you get a text like the one we got: “was so busy yesterday forgot to take the phone to text you, and now need to run again. Perhaps tomorrow?” But tomorrow there was an important game...

The evaluation parents receive within a month after each session shows that their children are appreciated for who they are and helped to discover in themselves the qualities they weren’t necessarily even aware of.

Alex Friedland, New York

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