Le Sallay International Academy

By popular demand, we are organizing a pilot period for early 2019.

How will the pilot period be organized?

In January, students will spend two weeks at Chateau Le Sallay, get acquainted with
their teachers and start an intensive course of learning, which will be continued remotely at a more leisurely pace over the next four weeks. Then, in late February, they will return to Le Sallay for another week to conclude the pilot period.

Chateau Le Sallay is a 16th century castle converted into a four-star hotel. Le Sallay is situated in the middle of a private park of 4 hectares, near the town of Nevers (Burgundy, France, two hours away from Paris). Having often served as the location of children's and adult educational programs, the Le Sallay hotel is equipped with facilities for classes and recreation, sports and games. The rooms for children and teachers are spacious and comfortable.

How does the pilot period differ from full-fledged enrollment?

First, it lasts less than two months, and second, only a few selected subjects are included: Science, Mathematics and Literature. While participating in this taster program, students can still continue their regular school or home studies.

We offer these seven weeks as a chance for parents and students to experience what awaits them if they choose Le Sallay Academy as their school in 2019-2020.

You can register for the pilot period by completing the application.

The cost is 5,000 euros.
The number of participants is limited.


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