Advisory Board

Pavel Etingof, Ph.D.

Pavel Etingof received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale University in 1994, under Igor Frenkel. He taught at Harvard as a Benjamin Peirce Assistant Professor in 1994-1999, joined the MIT mathematics faculty as an assistant professor in 1998, and became a full professor in 2005. Professor Etingof's research interests are noncommutative algebra, representation theory, mathematical physics. He served as Director of Graduate Studies at the MIT mathematics department in 2002-2007. Professor Etingof has led mathematics research programs for high school students at the Clay Mathematics Research Academy in 2004 and 2005, and suggested and supervised 10 high school research projects at the Research Science Institute (RSI) at MIT.

During many years professor Etingof involved in many educational programs that includes volunteering in kids educational summer camps and work as a Chief Research Advisor in MIT PRIMES, a free year-long after-school program that offers research projects and guided reading to high school students living within driving distance from Boston.

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