Advisory Board

Alexander Kirillov
Stony Brook University, NY / Sigma Camp

Alexander Kirillov has PhD in Math from Yale University. He is a professor in the Math Department of Stony Brook University. His research is in representation theory, quantum invariants of knots and low-dimensional manifolds, and Topological Field Theory. He has been working with high school children, teaching math circles and gifted classes, since his own high school graduation. In addition to math, he also enjoys hiking, volleyball, and robotics - he is the coach of Islandbots robotics club.

Professor Kirillov also strongly involved in the advanced mathematical education of gifted schoolchildren. He is a one of the founder of the project SchoolNova as well as one of the founder of SigmaCamp, a week-long math and science sleepaway camp for students 12-16 years old which gives campers a unique opportunity to learn math and science from professional scientists.

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