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We believe that at times like these the study of history is more important than ever. In this comprehensive text Dr. Melinda Rice, Le Sallay Academy's teacher of history, explains why studying history today is more important than ever and how history can help us make sense of the present.   

Our history curriculum takes a global perspective. We teach history not as a series of facts to be learned but as a series of debates that encompass the entire world. When a student leaves our school they will have the skills to evaluate historical claims and conflicting interpretations. They will understand the historical roots of our modern world and they will have learned the habits of mind that are essential to becoming global citizens. 

At Le Sallay history is not isolated from other disciplines of study. Our school is unique because our curriculum in literature and history is designed to integrate these two fields. This interdisciplinary focus expands to include math and the sciences in our innovative co-teaching that has included subjects as diverse as Viking technology and the science behind the Spanish Flu of 1918. 

Our school has a unique approach to teaching history that can benefit all middle school learners but especially those who have a keen interest in humanities since they will have an opportunity to explore their interest at a much deeper level than a standard school curriculum. 

We offer one scholarship to a student with a demonstrated interest in history.


The scholarship covers one year of full tuition, as well as room and board during the on-site sessions. Travel expenses are not covered. 
Parents must ensure that the student is available for online and on-site sessions and has a reliable internet connection throughout the day. 


The application is open to the parents or guardians of students of 10-14 y.o. residing in any country who will:

  • demonstrate the student's interest in history;
  • demonstrate the student's willingness to learn at Le Sallay, an understanding of the way the school works, and a commitment to enroll should the scholarship be granted;
  • explain why the current choice of educational options available to the student can not support the student in fully developing their potential.


"A pioneer in blended learning" (Forbes.com) -- Le Sallay International Academy is an innovative independent school for children aged 10-14. We offer interactive online classes led by an international team of highly qualified teachers fluent in virtual education. Every trimester we have a 3-week in-person session in France (or during COVID in countries open to travel and the US). Our school is quarantine-proof and we guarantee uninterrupted learning.

We are an inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs, academically gifted, and 2e learners.  Our academically advanced curriculum and personalized learning plans help students stay motivated and challenge them to grow. To learn more about our approach to teaching please watch the Virtual Open House.


  • Parents or legal guardians fill out a scholarship application detailing their child's information and answers to the relevant questions. Please download the scholarship application here (download will begin automatically. If the download does not start please contact us for a copy of the application form. Please fill out the application form, sign it, and email it as an attachment to our Admissions office at
  •  We will schedule a video interview or ask parents additional questions in writing to discuss why they feel that Le Sallay Academy is the best fit for their child.  
  • The child is then invited for an interview with the Academy's founders and the teacher of History Dr. Melinda Rice. The interview is in English and is aimed at assessing the child's interest in history and humanities. 

The final decision will be announced before or on 10 June. 

If you have more questions about the application procedure, please contact us at .

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