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Cila Warncke
Teacher of World Literature and English Language

Cila Warncke has taught in her native United States, England, Spain and Scotland. Her experience ranges from individual tutoring to online courses for hundreds of students. Whatever the setting, her priority is to foster pupils’ curiosity, intrinsic motivation and autonomy. “Formal schooling is only one chapter in a life,” she says. “My job is to equip students with the linguistic, analytical and critical thinking skills they need to thrive in a fast-changing world.”

Cila holds a BA in English Literature from University of Pennsylvania, an M Litt in Writing from University of Glasgow and an MA in Education from the Autonomous University of Catalonia. She also draws on years of continuous learning a writer. Her publications includes music and business journalism; short stories; Oregon Wine Pioneers and the wine blog

She lives in Spain with her husband and rescue cats. She enjoys running, spicy vegetarian food and pedantry; she misses live music.


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